Building and maintaining a strong brand has become imperative today for every business. However, it’s not easy and you have to carefully plan a branding strategy. It has many steps to go through and you have to practise each of them for successful brand building. Two most important among them are building and managing your brand.

Building Your Brand

The basic thing required for brand building is to understand what your customers need and how you can make sure to deliver it. Your customers should have multiple means to contact you including phone, email and letters and you should be consistent in delivering your service.

Once you understand your customers’ needs and define your brand values, you can start brand building by communicating your brand values consistently. Visit BrandQuest at to understand brand building.

Let Your Customers Know

Keep in mind that every possible contact you make with your existing or potential customers should emphasize your brand values.

You should consider these main areas:

  • Name of your business
  • Names of your products or services
  • Your logo
  • Any slogan you have
  • Your company website
  • Your premise
  • Pricing and packaging of your product
  • Style and quality of your stationery
  • How you and your staff dress and behave

If all the above components are in line with your brand values consistently, you can build a strong brand. However, if all of them are not in line, a serious damage may be caused to your brand and your business.

Promises are made by a brand to customers and if they are not kept, it’s highly unlikely that your customers will buy again.

For example, a jewellery brand produces beautiful jewellery, package it stylishly and advertise glamorously in glossy magazines. Here their brand values can be “special, classy and stylish”.

However, if employees speak rudely and unprofessionally on phone, customers won’t remember the beauty and elegance of the jewellery, but they will remember the rudeness of employees. This will lead to the decline of the brand and perhaps the business too.

Your logo can be of specific significance to your customers. You must design a policy on its usage, making sure it is utilised consistently and its quality is upheld. This works as a guarantee when customers are thinking of buying your products and obtain them after purchase. In these situations, your logo will be a token of guarantee.

Also, make sure that you pay attention to the quality and design of your receipts and invoices, which can usually be the final stage of your communication with the customer. This can affect their inclination to give you a repeat visit and also to pay on time.

Managing Your Brand

Appointing a qualified person to take the responsibility of your brand strategy is a good idea, if you are unable to do it on your own. Visit to learn about excellent brand strategy.

Your entire staff will have an important role in the management of your brand since their actions will have a strong influence on what your customers will think of your company. If your staff believes in your brand values, they will act to provide evidence of it while dealing with customers as well as colleagues.

Involve your employees in the management of your brand by creating a ‘suggestion scheme’ or taking the time regularly for discussing your brand and performance of your business.

Make a habit of emphasising the message that what they do is important to you and your business and explain why. Ensure they understand that not keeping the promises to customers made by your brand, even only once, can ruin your brand and business.

Outside of Your Business

Remember to get feedback regularly from your customers that are satisfied. This will make sure your business is consistently keeping promises made by your brand. Also remember to get feedback of unsatisfied customers to get precious, and often more honest, information about how your brand is perceived.

Building and managing your brand in this way will help you to create a great reputation for your business and your brand will eventually become stronger.