Achondroplasia is a genetic abnormality that affects the lives of many people. It is characterized by dwarfism, short arms and legs, average torso and normal intelligence and cognitive skills. Achondroplasia cannot be cured though the genetic reasons for achondroplasia have been identified. Administration of growth hormone does provide some amount of growth but that is not a long term option. Moreover, children and adults with achondroplasia are prone to certain conditions like recurrent middle ear infections, narrowing of the spinal canal which results in the pinching of the spinal cord, inward curve of the spinal cord and others. Achondroplasia needs to be managed and this management is expensive. Crowdfunding India can provide people with the financial resources required to manage achondroplasia.

Achondroplasia results in dwarfism which results in disability. For the longest time, disabled people have been excluded from our society and thrown out as garbage. Disabled people have been killed in our culture and in the culture of many others. To include children and people with achondroplasia into the mainstream is therefore the need of the hour. Amenities should be made accessible to them. Educational institutions should be made accessible to these people as there is nothing wrong with them. They simply are different and have certain medical conditions that need taking care of. Crowdfunding India, which is known for NGO fundraising can help us in spreading awareness and accessibility for individuals with dwarfism. Constructive changes can be made in public transport, buildings, schools etc.

If you are an NGO who works to safeguard the rights of people with achondroplasia, you can take to crowdfunding websites. Crowdfunding websites in India like Impact Guru generally do a lot of good work and use donations-based crowdfunding and rewards-based crowdfunding to bring about positive change. Some of the things you are required to do if you take to this method is: 1. To set up a fundraiser 2. Campaign vigorously online and offline. 3. Be comfortable paying the service fee Impact Guru deserves. If you are willing to do this, you can crowdfund your ventures completely risk free on Impact Guru.

However, the case of individuals funding their treatment is slightly more complicated. These individuals will be required to do regular crowdfunding from time to time. They will be prone to various illnesses. Every individual needs a support team when they start out crowdfunding. Once the fundraiser is up and the pre-campaign is done, these individuals can contribute to the campaign. There needs to be a long list of contributors who are willing to help as these conditions last life long. Donors can take time out and donate rotationally. This reduces pressure on any one donor.

Many people living with achondroplasia live beyond the boundaries of proper health care and various other amenities. Medical insurance is a far cry for many of these people. Crowdfunding can fill in the gap left by privatization of healthcare. These people who deserve proper treatment, both medical and social can live lives of dignity because of crowdfunding.