The first question that someone might ask is what is cryptocurrency and then what is bitcoin?  Cryptocurrencies are currencies that are digital where encryption measures are used to control the generation of currency units as well as confirming the transfer of funds, operating totally independently of a central bank.


Bitcoins are one of the several digital currencies. Just like countries use national currencies, users on the Internet can use digital currencies.  Bitcoin is not understood well by users on the general internet and is still thought by many as an experiment.  But using it for tasks that are simple such as making a single transaction is quite easy.  Many websites are now beginning to list Bitcoin as accepted currency.  There are also exchanges where anyone can buy and sell Bitcoin and where you can make your initial Bitcoin investment.


The world of cryptocurrency has developed lots of new business opportunities, both for individuals and companies.  Unlike purchasing Bitcoin, earning cryptocurrency does not need a required upfront investment.  All a person needs are an internet connection and some device to connect to the internet.

Bitcoin investment

Bitcoin is probably the most popular of the cryptocurrencies.  If you are wanting to start with cryptocurrency trading, you should consider investing in Bitcoin as an option.  Bitcoins are highly liquid currently.  Usually during a normal day, there is up to $ 8 billion traded daily.  This guarantees that you should have little problem with liquidity.  Also, during the last few months, Bitcoins value has been rising steadily.

Simple explanation

In simpler terms, Bitcoin is just like sending any coin, silver or gold by email.  There is a network that allows a new method of payment with a complete digital currency.  This is the first de-centralized person-to-person payment system powered truly by users with no fundamental agency or authority that is regulating it.  Bitcoin is the very first useful cryptocurrency created and used over the internet for buying, selling, savings and investment.

Further information

There are many websites where you can investigate more about Bitcoin.  All you need to do is just use Google or your favorite browser.