In Florida, you can get car title loans at loans Fort Myers, but perhaps you should read this first.

Offers to servicemembers

Car title loans that are open to service members or their dependents need to include protections under federal law as well as a rule by the Department of Defense. The provision was made since these car title loans are almost a scam. The APR for the military APR for car title loans after Oct 1, 2007, with terms of 181 days or less, can’t go over 36%. Charges and fees must be included in the rate. Creditors also may not ask for the use of check or access to a bank account, for the loan. Military consumers also must be given certain revelations about the loan costs as well as their rights as borrowers. Agreements from credit company that violate these protections are void. Creditors that offer car title loans also may ask loan applicates to sign a statement about military affiliation.

Even with protections

Even with protections, auto title loans are expensive, especially if you roll the loan over. So, you might want to check out financial assistance from aid societies in the military, including the Marine Corp and Navy Relief Society, Army Emergency Relief, Air Force Aid Society or Coast Guard Mutual Aid. Or perhaps you can borrow from family or friends or get an advance on your pay check from your employer.

Still need credit

Loans from a bank, credit union, or other small loan companies may offer rates that are lower in costs than car title loans. They may have offers that are special for applicants of the military and can also help you begin a savings account. Try for a cash advance on your credit card, but it too can be costly.


The Department of Defense advises that you do almost anything to get money before using a car title loan company. So many service people are losing their cars when it is not necessary. These companies are not looked on favourable by the military. Often the dependents will use the service member’s car, not be able to pay the loan and the service member return from duty with no car.