Getting tired of looking at those boring white walls? Let your imagination run wild and give them an upgrade. There’s much more you can do to your walls besides slapping a coat of paint on them. Updates don’t require putting a strain on your bank account either. Jumpstart your DIY wall project with a few suggestions. Among other ideas, you’ll learn how to mdf wall panels can liven up your spot.

Decals aren’t just for cars

If you’re into quotes, find some of your favorites to display. Don’t just buy a framed or canvas quote. Your wall is your canvas. With decals, you can add quotes directly to your flat surface. They’re easy to install and to remove when you’re ready to make a change. All you need is a clean, smooth wall and some water. If you can’t find the perfect message for your walls, design a custom decal with the words, colors, and fonts you want.

Texturize smooth, plain walls

Paintings can give a textured effect, but why not actually give the wall texture. Use mdf decorative wall panels for a design that jumps out at you, literally. The 3D panels come in endless designs like waves and ripples, cosmic, and florals. If you have a white wall you want to make subtle changes to, texture will do the job.

Even with the texture design, you have some freedom to be creative with mdf wall panels. They come plain, so you can customize the color any way you choose. Use other’s wall panels for inspiration or freestyle it.

Wallpaper does wonders

Not the same wallpaper from the 70s. Options have evolved since then. You can find wallpaper that makes the wall look like a modern painting. Choose the print based on how you want the room theme to go. For bathrooms florals, trees, or neutral colors are good choices. You can even get away with a beachy wallpaper. Colors and patterns look good in bedrooms.

Mismatch it

All walls don’t have to be equal. It’s more interesting to see different designs in the same space. Make the walls two-toned with complementary colors. Add wallpaper or mdf decorative wall panels to only one wall. Decorate two or three walls and leave the others plain. Your options are endless.

Your walls are crying for some attention. Now you have a few ideas to get your wheels turning. Think about what will give you positive vibes within your home. What brings you peace, motivation, or happiness. Add some of your personality into your wall decor. Combine your own unique style and these suggestions to snazz up the place you call home.