An Introduction to the WAC1 Token by Axcess4Care: A player in the Senior Living housing development space in the US, and their real estate backed token now available through their platform at The token seems to be a perfect marriage between the dynamic cryptocurrency markets and the most profitable sector in real estate, but most importantly is their commitment to increasing the level of “affordable housing” for seniors.

The WAC1 token is backed by more than $1,000,000 in Partner seed capital deployed for its initial Offering of 4 US properties, all with an affordable housing component, and the required due diligence for primary debt of tax-free municipal bonds. Further due diligence required by state and federal agencies to facilitate the offering of low-income housing tax credits has also been completed. Of all the recent real estate tokens released the WAC1 seems to be the front runner in adding substantial value to its token value out of the gate because as tokens are bought they are deployed into projects that enable the asset/real estate to increase in value. As explained by Larry LaBonte, Axcess4Care’s media representative, ” as soon as you start the entitlement process, whether it’s getting land re-zoned for a specific use, getting permits, or doing the civil engineering the land becomes immediately more valuable, (i.e. immediately the tokens are more valuable) – plenty of folks have made their fortunes just getting land zoned and permitted and flip it to an end user. That’s what Axcess4Care does except they are the end user, so they accumulate all that value from Day 1. This process helps offset the loss of upfront revenue related to the low income units and integrates a more long-term perspective from ownership.

A typical 100 unit project costs approximately $20m, during the 8 months its takes to complete a project the value will have increased 50% to $30mm based on industry cap rates. The $10mm in new value, or equity, can be extrapolated back into the increasing value of the token. Furthermore as a hedge or floor to protect against wide swings or government intervention in the cryptocurrency markets, they offer annual redemption period to exchange your tokens for the $1.00 price plus a 1% a month yield from the time the token was acquired.