The HighRewardCoin platform will be accessible to subscribers at the start of the scheduled ICO sale. This platform will offer users innovative customizable account pages with all the tools needed for taking part in ICO, using a wallet that is digital and able to join lending and affiliate programs.

ICO schedule

By keeping track of the schedule for the ICO and signing up to having maximum benefit of the platform customers will be able to testify to the usability and efficiency of using the provided tools, settings and options.

Platform is ready

Currently, there is a platform ready for computers and laptops as well as web browsers on mobile devices. Plans are made to launch mobile apps for most systems that are popular. They will be available in Google Play and Apple Store.

Before the launch

But, before they announce the launch of the apps, they warn everyone to beware of apps that can be fraudulent ones. They can develop and might appear in these two stores.

Safety and Transparency

HighRewardCoin platform makes sure the proper workings of their ecosystem, demonstrating safety and transparency of transactions. They believe that their primary task is to protect customers and affiliates finances, as these people will be shaping the growing social system.

Tech crew

Their IT staff has developed a neural system that has the capability of learning that is based both on experience and knowledge of professional traders.


HighRewardCoin’s has the goal to offer a wide circle of individuals the ability to gain large rewards by using their rich experience together with tools that are advanced. This includes both machine learning as well as blockchain technologies.

US Dollar

HighRewardCoin lending is done via HighRewardCoin tokens. The HRC network bases all calculations of any lending and payments on US dollar rate. When their clients or customer forward new participants to the system, there is a profitable premium plan which provides the opportunities of additional profits for affiliates’ HighRewardCoin lending investments and the purchase of HighRewardCoin tokens via ICO.

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