ID cards are seen and used every day in the workplace. Security guards wear them, administrative employees wear them, and sometimes even top bosses wear them; some to set an example, some to encourage a sense of community between employees or to promote healthy work dynamics.

ID cards are part of the everyday life of employees and visitors of every enterprise facility. They serve practical proposes and symbolic ones. Here we present a list to you of the main reasons they are used, just as a reminder of how important they are.

ID cards make communication easier between people that move around the facility

Imagine that you are a security guard. Their work consists in making sure that only authorized people enter to designated areas. If a person is already authorized to enter an area, a security guard would not have to ask that person if he or she is authorized to be there in the first place. This can serve to avoid uncomfortable situations or awkward responses from people that have in fact already authorized to be there, given that ID cards with or without lanyards are not being used.

ID cards can also help better interdepartmental communication between employees during an emergency meeting

Imagine that you are a new employee or there is an unusual meeting and that you don’t know all other employees by name when they ask you to assist. ID cards can make communication easier when someone is participating in a debate or when someone has something to say, something to comment on others. ID cards play a significant role in these situations as they help everyone to see and remember which person is bringing which point, what department they are from. Others can also remember who was the one who intervened in this matter in order to address them for further comment or to remember that it was their idea to bring up this subject in particular.

ID cards promote a sense of community between employees in a company

ID cards are used to identify people around facilities, and given that they offer this possibility, they also give a sense of belonging along the way. Employees feel as part of something bigger than themselves when they use an ID card with their names on it along with the name of the company.

In these ID cards, all the necessary information are engraved, such as the designated position, role of the individual, department of the individual and so on. It becomes easier what to expect from each individual.  Even when the employee is putting on his or her ID card, this person can see the lanyard with the name of the company in them which then become easier to recognize which company they work for. This type of lanyards can be obtained through, visit them and obtain a lanyard for your company’s ID cards and inspire your employees every day!

ID cards are routinely used to protect information during visits

When a person comes to visit a company’s facility, they have to identify themselves. This is due to various reasons. Competition between companies is very common and that influences every company to take extra security measures. It is now a common act of espionage to steal ideas from other companies.

Security personnel have to assure their employers that nobody is entering sensible areas without proper authorization from the company. For this, the use of ID cards comes in as handy as always. Someone at the entrance has the role of assigning them to visitors. And sometimes ID cards change every few days so people outside the company cannot falsify them with ease when they want to.

So it’s clear that ID cards are very useful to prevent unauthorized people from entering restricted areas and prevent information from being stolen.

ID cards can help identify people in emergency situations

During a catastrophe or an accident, paramedics and other contingency personnel can identify an injured employee, even outside of the facilities, thanks to their ID card.