It is never too early to start learning about money and all the things connected with saving for something special. At least that is what author Kennedy “Done Deal” O’Neal believes. Kennedy is the co-author on saving money. Kennedy is only 5 years old, but she has learned from her father just how to begin saving when she was only a toddler. It all begins with a Piggy Bank. She learned from her father how to begin saving when she was just a toddler. She learns lessons about money from her dad, a realtor and an investor.

Started working with her Dad

She goes along with her father as he shows homes to clients. Kennedy sees herself as being her father’s business partner. So, she receives some money from her dad when he makes a sale.


He takes her to the bank when he makes deposits from rental properties. He gives her a few dollars that she has earned by being respectful as well as patient as he shows houses. She takes that money and when she gets home, puts it into her Piggy Bank together with money she receives for herbirthdays, holidays, the Tooth Fairy and her allowance for chores done. Kennedy finds ways to earn money especially by helping her baby brother.


She then decided to write a book about saving and investing. This is an easy-to-follow book letting young readers to gain at an early age, an interest in saving as well as investing. Kids reading this book will gain the power to begin earning money. Of course, now she earns more money from book sales. Parents with children who read this book learn how savings can quickly turn into investing in a child’s future. All ages can learn, but more importantly, kids can save and invest.

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Kennedy’s hobby is gymnastics which she loves and is a member of Ruby Gymnastic Team in Fredericksburg, Virginia at the Paragon Gym. Her goal is the 2028 Olympics where she hopes to earn a model. She is a fun loving child and dearly loves her family particularly her brother, Baby Chris.