In the United States there are numerous places to go where you can get a quick loan. Most of them are called “payday loans” since you agree to repay the loan on your next payday. There are also some that are also referred to a “title loans” since the collateral for the loan is the title for your car.


The lender like this that is most well-known is CashNetUSA. It is the place where individuals go when they have run into a money problem and usually get the funds on the next business day. This is a business many turn to for loans when they don’t have enough money available for the problem that has occurred. Problems always can happen – a child gets sick, you have an auto accident and many of a dozenof other problems.

Things in common

CashNetUSA and places that give loans like CashNetUSA have three things in common. These are:

  • Quick application – apply online in only minutes
  • Decision that is received almost instantly
  • Fast funding getting the money to you in the next business day

3 Million Customers

CashNetUSA is really wanting to help hardworking individuals get the money they need. It has been in business for more than 10 years. They have more than three million customers giving them the opportunity to take control of their financial life.

Companies like CashNetUSA include:

  • Your PayDay
  • BetterLoansMutural
  • ExtraLend
  • LoanSolo
  • iCashLoans
  • CashTodayASAP

Your PayDay

With Your PayDay you can get up to $5000 loan until your next payday. This business will get the money to you faster than most of the other loan businesses. Even if you have problems with your credit score, this company will still work with you.


ExtraLend is one of the sites like CashnetUSA and is considered one of the best for getting the loan funds to you the fastest. ExtraLend has a fast process and will get your money to you just a little faster than all the rest. You can get your lender- approval in less than an hour.


It is important to do your research into the companies to decide which ones are not out to take advantage of you when you are in a situation of need.