So, you’ve begun smelling a strange smell in your house, or maybe you’ve noticed problems in your yard. You’ve done your homework on Google. You now know you’ve got a broken sewer pipe. And you think you know how to fix sewer pipe.

If you think you can fix the problem by DIYing a solution, you’re probably going to end up doing more harm than good. That’s why instead of trying to fix it yourself, you should call your local plumber. Here’s a little more information on sewer pipes and why no one but a plumber should be messing with them.

Sewer Pipe Primer

A sewer pipe is a pipe that flushes away wastewater. It leads away from your house and takes the wastewater to a treatment facility or disposal area. The only use for the sewer pipe is to keep wastewater, which carries bacteria and other nasty things, away from your house.

A broken sewer pipe is never a good sign. If your sewer pipe is broken, it means that wastewater is building up either on your lawn or maybe even your house. Either the pipe is broken or blocked; whatever the reason, you need to get it fixed quickly.

DIYing Causes More Problems

The main problem with trying to figure out how to fix sewer pipe is that the pipe is underground, and you may find that even though you thought you fixed the problem, you actually haven’t. This is common with DIY fixes because only plumbers truly understand where a leak or stoppage is coming from. If you try to do it yourself, you might be in for a world of a few tries at fixing the sewer pipe before you turn to a professional.

It’s also dangerous to think that an internet fix to a broken sewer pipe is better than going to a plumber. For example, there is no way for the internet to know the type of material your sewer pipe is or the actual issue. You can guess, sure, but guessing wrong can cause more damage.

Many times, when people DIY plumbing problems, it ends up causing more problems because they didn’t fix the issue. You have to be certain that not only do you have a broken pipe but that you also know how to fix it. It’s a scary position to be in, considering you’re not a licensed plumber.

Waiting Causes Damage

If you have a broken sewer pipe, don’t wait to see if you can DIY a fix yourself. Call a plumber. These are licensed and insured professionals who do this work for a living. Waiting because you don’t want to pay a professional may end up causing you more.

Plumbers are licensed professionals who give you the peace of mind that your sewer pipe problem will be fixed quickly. Don’t try to fix something like a sewer pipe on your own; call a plumber today.