Choosing a printer for your business could be a daunting task especially if your business is the type that requires a lot of paperwork. Today, there are various models of printers and different manufacturers with their respective reputations.

All these manufacturers promise printers of good quality; how then do you pick the best? This article will help you select the best printer for your business. Read on.

Analyze Your Needs

This literally the first step to take when choosing a printer. Ask yourself, what’s the nature of my business? Other questions include:

  • How much printing work will this business require?
  • What type of document will I be printing most?
  • Will your printer be operating within a network of workers or just you?
  • How much space do you have dedicated to a printer?

Until you know the answers to all these questions and more, you would have difficulties selecting the proper printer for your business.

Monochrome or colored?

Now you know what kind of document you’ll be printing and how much you’ll print; The next question is “do you need these documents printed black and white or colored?”

If you’re printing only text documents, then laser printers would be most suitable because they are faster and cheaper (in terms of ink) than inkjet printers.

You must note that colored printers are more expensive than black and white printers.

Multifunction or Single Function?

As you know, today’s printers come with other functions other than just printing like scanning, copying, sending emails, connecting to WLAN or the internet, etc.

This literally means that most of your business office work can be done with the same device.

But if you desire a printer that prints only, you can get one with a single function. This means you literally won’t have to pay for function that you’ll barely use.

However, multifunction printers are more expensive than single function printers. You can order your multifunction printers from

Cost of Ink

Cost of ink is also dependent on how often you print. Some say the cheaper the printer, the more you’ll spend on ink.

Always consider the price per page of the printer before purchasing them. Else, you might just find out that you’re spending so much on buying ink cartridges.

This cost could eventually increase if you do much printing. The primary aim of a business is to accumulate profit and not costs.