Press releases are the presentation of facts that are written specifically for the journalists with a hope to get it published. The press release offers numerous opportunities for the brands, businesses, and organizations achieve their goals and to reach their targeted audience effectively. With the press release, they aim to provide them with an interesting story which revolves around a product launch, a new appointment or award. Although social media has transformed media significantly press releases still have the effectiveness, and it is still the best way to boost your profile and to attract new customers.

According to “You can write a press release by yourself, or you can get it done by a professional writer or freelancer. In case you are writing a press release by yourself, you have to avoid making the following common mistakes.”

  • The title

Title is the first thing that a journalist will see. That is why you have to make sure that the title of your press release is concise and gives an overview of the topic. You have to make the title encouraging so that the journalist is forced to read it completely. Don’t make the title lengthy and detailed because the reader will then lose the interest. Make it punchy.

  • Don’t write it as a first person

All the news stories, whether they are available online or on the newspaper are written in the third person. There can be exceptions about quotes from the actual people, but all other news stories you will find will be written as the third person. You should also write your press release as a third person. Make it look like a press release that is written by someone else rather than the company itself. Don’t include “We Did” or something similar. It should look like a journalist is telling a story about the product or business.

  • Not providing enough information

Press releases mean information and you have to provide your readers with all the information. Don’t assume that they know things about you and your company. Include all the facts and add a summary in the first paragraph. You don’t want your readers to take the help of the search engines to get the information about you. Because no one does that so you should add all the information.

  • Proper punctuation

Proper punctuation is also very important to the success of a press release. Journalists these days don’t bother to spend their time in correcting mistakes, and then there are chances that your press release might get avoided. To make their work easy and double check everything before sending it to the journalists.

  • Copy Writing

Copywriting your press release will not work very effectively. So don’t be lazy to write a press release by yourself. You can take help about the layout of the press release, but make sure that you add your content. Start from the scratch and write your press release specifically for your targeted audience.

  • Improper quotes

There should be one or two quotes involved in the press release, and it is advised not to let these quotes go wasted. Quotes are the only things that journalists can’t change so make sure that it provides the strong key message. Don’t repeat what has been said already in previous press releases and use quotes as an opportunity to sell yourself or your company.

  • Use of too many caps

Avoid using too many caps in the press release as it annoys journalists and reduces the chances of press release to get picked. For example, “CREATIVE BOOM is an online magazine for the creative industries.” This is a bit odd as the journalist will have to make an effort to change it to lower case. Don’t use caps to highlight things in the press release.

  • It is too short

As mentioned earlier, that you have to provide all the information in the press release. Don’t make the mistake of not providing enough content. Journalists love facts and information, and you have to provide them with that while remaining concise. Make sure that you have answered about Who, What, Where, When, why and How in your press release.

  • It is too promotional

Once completed you have to read it multiple times before publishing. Don’t make it look like that you are begging for the purchases. Just give a nice all round overview of your production and performance. Press releases are used for promotions and not for advertisements. Include facts about you or your company and then let the audience to decide.

  • There’s too much over-hyped copy

A press release contaminated with a large number of exclamation signs and wild claims will only end up in the journalist’s spam folder. Avoid adding unnecessary adjectives because it is used for advertisements. And we have already mentioned that why you should avoid doing advertisement in the press releases.

These are the few common mistakes that people do while reading the press releases and you should avoid them for better results. You can also provide us with your tips and ideas that can help people in writing an effective press release.